Give us call. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your swimming pool or pool equipment needs. At Serenity Pool and Spa we offer a range of service options to suit your budget and specific needs and suggest tailored servicing plans to ensure your pool is kept in premium sparkling condition all year round.

Pool Cleaning Services

(weekly or bi-weekly)

  • Test, supply and adjust chemical levels as necessary (shock treatments, phosphate treatments, stain treatments, and salt additions not included)

  • Adjust water level as necessary

  • Brush tile line 

  • Skim the surface

  • Vacuum as necessary

  • Brush walls as necessary

  • Clean pump and skimmer basket

  • Backwash filter as necessary

  • Check equipment performance

  • Promptly report any problems directly to you

Before (damaged tiles)

Other Services Offered

  • Pressure Washing

  • Pool draining/refill/water balancing

  • Repairs

  • Installations (pump, filters, etc.)

  • One-time cleanings

  • Emergency visits/cleanings

We specialize in water clarity. I love to see pools clean and clear.


We specialize in fixing your problems as inexpensively as possible. We prefer less chemicals over more. Also we have been called a magician since we can turn pea green pools to blue, sometimes in a matter of minutes/hours, usually within a day you will see amazing results to your swimming pool.


Power Vac Pool Cleaning System

Using a special pool cleaning vacuum that is not hooked up to your equipment. There is less wear and tear to your system because of Power Vac©. No leaves in your pump basket or anything getting clogged in the pipes from a traditional hose vacuum. Less backwashing of the filter so less wear and tear and less wasted water. Can vacuum up small coconuts and mangoes even!!

"Unlike other systems, with PowerVac there is no need to back flush the filtering system just to vacuum the pool. Thus eliminating the need to waste thousands of gallons of water. With other systems all of that wasted water means hundreds of gallons of water are needed to re-fill the pools. Adding all of that water to the pool means more more chemicals to balance it."

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